Top Rwandan artistes in Agaciro collabo

Rwanda’s top musicians have featured in a star-studded song dubbed ‘Agaciro Kanjye’, with the goal of urging Rwandans to contribute toward the Agaciro Development Fund (AGDF).

The national sovereign fund plans to use the song which was released yesterday in its forthcoming awareness campaign which seeks to encourage more Rwandans to contribute toward the Fund, which is now valued at over Rwf42 billion. 

‘Agaciro Kanjye’  (loosely translated to mean ‘My Dignity’) features seven local artistes, including; Riderman, Patient Bizimana, Israel Mbonyi, King James, Knowless as well as US-based music duo Meddy and The Ben. 

The Fund’s ‘Kwigira, Agaciro Kanjye’ campaign will kick off on May 25 through July 27.

The Fund is designed to mobilise resources that will help Rwanda become a self-reliant nation in the future. 

Francine Uwamariya, the Agaciro chief shared services officer, said that people can buy the new caller tune in a simple and affordable way as a way of contributing toward the Fund.

“Contributing to the Fund is a shared responsibility for all Rwandans. What we are doing today will secure the future generations. Every contribution is valuable and in contributing, people should not see it as a burden but rather something they are doing with pride,” said Uwamariya.

To buy the caller tune on any of the local telecoms, you dial *193*9# on your mobile phone, and follow prompts.

The song, which has five stanzas with the artistes taking turns to pass on their message, was produced by Clement Ishimwe of Kina Music. They are now working on the video.

Nadia Uwitonze, the public relations and communication officer at Agaciro Development Fund, told Saturday Times that the song will be used in raising awareness among citizens on the importance of the Fund.

“Some people think that contributing to Agaciro requires a lot of money but the fact is everyone can contribute whatever they can, depending on their financial capacity,” he said.

“With the song it will even be easier because all it requires is one to get the caller tune. We encourage everyone to use it as a caller tune for a little amount of money and that way everyone can be part of the initiative,” she said.

A verse or the chorus of the caller tune goes for just Rwf20 a day.

One can also choose one of the five verses as a caller tune.

In the song, each of the artistes sings at least one verse.

Uwitonze added that using the caller tune will also allow people to enter a draw and stand a chance to win different prizes, including motorcycles, laptops, mattresses and one-year university scholarships, among others.

Agaciro Development Fund, or AgDF, was launched in 2012 as a homegrown initiative aimed at accelerating Rwanda’s socio-economic development.  

The sovereign fund was born out of the need for Rwandans to achieve self-reliance as a people by putting together resources through voluntary contributions by individuals and institutions with view to boost the country’s capacity to finance its own development agenda.

Fund managers invest the money in strategic areas to help grow it.


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