Social Mula announces date for maiden album launch

Social Mula. / Courtesy

Singer Lambert Mugwaneza, aka Social Mula, has finally announced the date that he is set to launch his first album dubbed “Ma Vie’’, which is also a title for one of his most loved songs. 

Born and raised in Rwanda, Social Mula ventured into the music industry in 2013 and faced several challenges such as getting rejected by some of his relatives who thought he would become a drug addict and have no use in society. 

“I was rejected and criticised by relatives, who thought I would only become a drug abuser, but my parents believed in me, and I am so happy that I am going to have my first album launched in a couple of weeks from now,’’ he said in an interview with Saturday  Times.

Known for a number of hit songs such as “Ndiho”, “Humura”, “Kundunduro”, “Ma Vie”, and “Warakoze”, among others, one would wonder why he chose the name “Ma Vie” for his first album launch and to this, he has a rather interesting answer.

‘’You know ‘ Ma Vie’ is a French phrase for ‘My Life’ and with this name for my event, I wanted to show that I have come at a point where music is my life and I can’t live without it. It has been part of me since I was a child and it has been a dream come true for me,’’ he said 

The  Ndakwifuza singer also noted that he chose to name the show ‘Ma Vie’ because it has been biggest song so far and every one can relate to it.

A list of local artistes that will be part of the historic day in Social Mula’s music career is yet to be put out. Similarly, the entrance fee is not yet confirmed. 

Among the achievements in Social Mula’s career has also been his nomination for the Prix Decouverte Awards in France which is his first nomination in any award outside Rwanda. 

‘’I encourage my fans all over the world to just visit the Prix Decouverte website and vote for me. All people need to vote is only an email address and they can vote only once and that is it,’’ he said.

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