So who is Amalon, the only artiste to curtain raise for Burna Boy?

Amalon claimed the stage and displayed his ability as an artiste and entertainer. He kept concertgoers on their throughout his performance.

It is not often that an up-and-coming artiste would get an opportunity to share the same stage with an international artiste of Burna Boy’s caliber, but for Amalon, this will perhaps turn out to be the opportunity to usher him onto the big stage.

Born Amani Bizimana, Amalon is fast becoming popular, having first come on the music scene recently—but his songs like “Byakubaho” and “Yambi”, have gained massive airplay in the country, and turned him into a future prospect to look out for.

The 23-year-old has proved to possess the talent and confidence to put him on the big stage, and warming the platform for a big star like Burna Boy over the weekend, is something upcoming artistes do not get often.

Concert goers turned up in numbers for the Burna Boy Xperience in Kigali and were not disappointed. Photos by Bahizi Craish.

Born in Rubavu District, Western Province, Amalon is managed by 1K Entertainment, founded by Pius Rukabuza, commonly known as DJ Pius, also a singer and renowned DJ.

The “Play It Again” singer has touted Amalon as one of the talents to watch out for, given his potential and it goes without saying that he had a hand in his appearance at the #BurnaBoyExperience concert in Kigali.

Nigerian Afro-fusion singer Burna Boy’s performance at the Intare Conference Arena over the weekend was everything his fans wanted.

There were literally no curtain raisers planned by the event organisers, Entertainment Factory, to share the stage with the “Gbona” singer, apart from a host of DJs, who were lined up to cheer up the largely youthful crowd.

For Amalon to upstage his already established peers and other upcoming artistes to share a stage with Burna Boy, at one of the best attended and highly hyped concerts this year so far, is a major milestone for the musical prodigy.

Despite the faltering sound, the singer was able to sing his songs, including “Derilla”, which he composed with U.S-based Rwandan showbiz personality Ally Soudy, and “Yambi”, the song about his journey, from his village to the city to ‘hustle’, but misses the people he left back home, especially his parents.

“First of all, I want to say a big thank you to the organisers and my management team 1K Entertainment, for giving me this opportunity to perform at#Burna BoyExperience concert in Kigali,” Amalon told The New Times in an interview on Monday.

“It was my first time to share a stage with an international artiste of Burna Boy’s clout, and it was a bit challenging, because I had to pull out my stage antics to keep the crowd on their feet,” he added.

“I learned a lot from Burna Boy; the way he engages the crowd, and his energy on stage, among other things. He’s such a professional artiste, and certainly one of my favourite artistes on the continent. I was honoured to share the stage with him,” said Amalon.

His song “Byakubaho” is by far the most popular of his songs in a music career he says he set out to pursue five years ago. When he performed the song, the crowd went ballistic and sang along, giving him a befitting welcome to the big stage.

“I think Amalon is one of the most talented artistes we have at the moment,” said Larissa Umutoni, one of the revellers who attended the concert, pointing out that he also has the looks and poise of someone meant for big things in the years to come.

For DJ Pius, who assisted him during the performance, Amalon is very talented and hardworking and knows what he wants.

Speaking about the concert, DJ Pius said the organisation was good, and the crowd amazing. “The reception was also good.” He, however, noted that next time organisers should consider having two or three local artistes among the performers.

“I think in the future we need a local artiste to pull the crowd, and we can’t do that without the experience and support from professional event planners like Entertainment Factory,” he said, adding: “But, generally the concert was good. I wish to congratulate Entertainment Factory for the efforts, and organisation.”

It is not the first time Amalon has showcased his potential. Last year during Yvan Buravan’s ‘Love Lab’ concert, he appeared among the curtain raisers and his flawless performance left many in awe.

His songs such as “Mindset”, “Madarina” and “Mfataunkomeze”, among others, exude a certain level of talent and skills, which, if well nurtured, can take him places.

In his own words, Amalon believes he has what it takes to conquer the entertainment industry, not only in Rwanda but also the region and beyond. With strong yet smooth vocal abilities, Amalon is destined to be one of the best RnB artistes to come out of Rwanda.

Amalon was born in 1996 in Rubavu District. He went to Camp Kigali for his primary education, before joining ETO Kicukiro and completing his high school studies at Kagarama High School in 2013. He is currently focusing on his music, writing, composing and having a hand in the production of his songs.