Silent disco excites revelers

It was full house at Marnaud's bar at the silent disco.

Music lovers were on Friday night, treated to an amazing experience of a silent disco, at Marnaud’s Bar, in Kimihurura. The event was organized by renowned Rwandan deejay and musician DJ Pius, also known as Pius Rukabuza.

Silent disco is an entertainment setting where people can dance or listen to music played by different deejays through headphones. Every person can listen to a different deejay depending on what they prefer. A person has the ability to control what to listen to from the headphones. That's why it's called silent disco because music is through the headphones and not usual speakers.

The silent disco came with three channels where the revelers, were able to listen to different genres of music depending on their tastes and preferences. A number of local deejays graced the event, including DJ Pius, Kags, Lemon, Phil Peter and Marnaud who entertained the crowd that attended in big numbers.

Local deejays entertained the crowd.

As organized, the event started at around 15 minutes past 6pm, when a sizeable number of revelers walked in and were given headphones and guided on how to use them.

In an interview with DJ Pius, he noted that silent disco is just starting to get appreciated in Rwanda and people are slowly growing to love it.

"You see, silent disco was introduced to Rwanda last year and this is the second time it’s happening here (Marnaud's Bar) this year.''

The event had a growing number of revelers as the hours went by and by 1am, the whole place was full to capacity as there was no room to pass in case one needed to go out.

Those that attended were excited about the whole experience as some of them had never attended any silent disco.

"I am so happy. I had never been to any silent disco and all I can say is that it has been a lifetime experience," Sharon Uwase replied when asked of what she thinks about the silent disco.

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