Scottish singer’s Kinyarwanda song sends tongues wagging

Stewart with his wife. (Courtesy photo)

Ian Stewart is a Scottish humanitarian and singer currently based in Kigali. However, that’s not all. Stewart recently released a romantic song titled, ‘Ndagukunda.’

The song, which was released late last month, has received positive reviews on YouTube from music lovers.


“Good song….Just a surprise to all Rwandans. We are going to support you from all parts of Rwanda,” reads a comment from one of his fans.


“Well done Ian, your golden heart and the love you have for Rwanda paves more blessings,” reads another comment.


Stewart told The New Times in an interview, that he was inspired to record the song from his love for Rwanda, and its unique and rich culture.

“I have done some small bits of Kinyarwanda on some of my duets like ‘Love Again’ with Mani Martin, and thought it would be fun to try a whole song, but at no point did it cross my mind that it would be received this way. I’m very happy,” he said about the song.

The song’s audio was produced by Made Beats, and the video directed by Fab Lab of Bless World Music Production, in Kigali.

He said that his deep love for Rwanda inspired him to write the song.

“I literally fell in love with Rwanda in 2013 when I came for my visit, and in turn Rwanda has loved me back, given me a beautiful wife, a baby and so many great friends and fans,” he said.

Ndagukunda is  a romantic song for all lovers. I was inspired to record this song from my love of Rwanda and Rwandan culture. I dedicate it to my beautiful Rwandan wife Umutesi Stewart, and to all the people in love,” he added.


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