Rwandan artistes set for ‘cultural shows’ in Diaspora communities

Rwandansin Diaspora and friends of Rwanda are set for a treat during the ‘Rwanda Cultural Night’ shows that will kick off on June 28, in Maputo, Mozambique.

Jaques Kagabo, from Rwanda Updates, the organisers, said the event will focus on promoting the Rwandan culture among Diaspora communities through a range of musical and cultural performances.

He said the events seek to encourage Rwandans abroad to create cultural troupes and clubs, through which Rwandan cultural values can be disseminated, as a way to keep and promote Rwandan identity in their communities.

It will showcase unique cultural performances from different countries. After Maputo, the event will be held in Lusaka, Zambia, on June 30, in Nairobi, Kenya on July 14, and Brussels Belgium, on August 3.

According to the organisers, ‘Rwanda Cultural Night’ will have a great impact on the local music scene, by providing a platform for local artistes to perform and share experiences with other artistes, while promoting  the country’s cultural diversity on the African continent and beyond.

The artistes set to perform at the events include, King James, Intore Masamba, Butera Knowless, and Orchestra Impala, among others.

“Rwandans living in the Diaspora are exposed to globalisation, technology and foreign culture. The cultural values in their host countries have detached them from their identity, the Rwandans living abroad deserve more attention,” said Kagabo.

“Therefore, Rwanda Cultural Night events will  bring together Rwandans living abroad in their respective communities across the world on the common table of brotherhood to rethink about their identity and uphold their uniqueness, ancestral and cultural values, foster their unity; and collectively take full ownership to develop Rwanda,” he added.

Similar events will also take place in Congo Brazzaville, Canada, US, UK, Australia and Dubai, among others.



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