Rwandan actress stars in Nollywood

Rwanda’s screen diva Denise Gakire is starring in a movie, ‘Fugitive United States of Africa’, alongside one of the most prominent Nollywood actors Daniel K Daniel.

Daniel is best known as Bossman, in a Nigerian war thriller “A Soldier’s Story.”

The film, which was shot in Nigeria, started production in April 4.

It was written and directed by Nollywood veteran Andy Boyo. The cast also includes two actresses from Uganda and Zambia, along several other Nollywood actors.

Speaking to The New Times, Gakire said the much anticipated movie will be premiered in Nigeria in September before it’s screened in Kigali the same month.

“This was a great opportunity for me because it’s going to improve my acting skills. I am so glad that I was able to represent our own film industry in the biggest film industry in Africa.”

She noted: “I’m expecting bigger opportunities going forward”.

Gakire, who shared few pictures of herself on set on her instagram, is the first Rwandan actress to feature in a Nollywood movie. She is popular in several local films such as ‘Inkomoko y’ishyano,’ ‘Sakabaka’ and local TV drama series ‘City Maid.’

Gakire began her acting career in 2012. In 2016, she won the ‘best actress’ award at the Rwanda Movie Awards, which she says opened new doors for her.

“For two years, I had wished to take my acting career to another level. I had acted in several local films and had previously tried out my luck with the Tanzanian film industry but Nigeria was a big break for me,” said Gakire.

“Winning the best actress award opened doors for me because our CVs and experience mattered when they were selecting actors,” she added. 


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