Rwanda Modesty Fashion Show ends on a high

The annual Rwanda Modesty Fashion show organised by Berwa Platnums, was held Scheba Hotel, Kiyovu on Saturday night.

From elaborate ethnic wear to glamorous flowy gowns and evening outfits, the evening saw a great mix of style and elegance on the ramp. We also spotted models, socialites and fashion enthusiasts capturing every moment of the evening over good conversations.

All the collections showcased at the 4th edition of the show were locally made, and proved that the true beauty of a Rwandan lies in dressing up properly and decently.

Abdul Wahabi Ngabitsinze, the brains behind the event, told The New Times that the event can only get better in the future and insists fashion can prove to be an instrumental tool to give respect Rwandan culture deserves.

“The turn up does not matter this time round though we wished to see many more fashion lovers to come and support our event. Our main focus was to show Rwandans that their beauty can be appreciated only if clothes they wear make them feel respected… and our target has been achieved,” he said.

Designers were able to showcase their collections, which were relevant to fashion event’s concept. Some of the clothes showcased by models during the runway included some shirts and dresses of kitenge couture, Turban (Muslims’ head scarves), wedding dresses, male and female Muslims’ dresses and jackets, all printed in an African couture, among others. Some of the designers who participated in the event include; Mundi designs, Ambara super, Willy Mahama, Gogo Couture, Keza Couture, Lii Collections and Maman Karim décor.

Organisers also held a training session that brought together aspiring models on how best they can nurture their talent to becoming celebrated models while established fashion designers also inspired them how they can venture their passion and dedication to not only modeling but also create the best designs that can challenge the world of fashion industry.

“The battle continues to save our culture but we are also looking to use this platform to help young models open their eyes and think beyond entertaining the audiences with their best catwalks during the runway sessions while they can turn their talent into a profitable asset. We started this and we believe models can take advantage of this for a brighter career,” Ngabitsinze said.

The event ended at 11.30 pm.

The designers allowed fashion lovers to indulge in their vibrant and elegant detailing. / Courtesy

The outfits were an amalgamation of Rwandan traditions and modern wedding gowns. / Courtesy

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