Hold this hand tight

Don’t squeeze it

Just treat it right

Protect it from getting hurt

And teach it how to write

What’s in your mind

Don’t quarrel, just seek to find

Don’t fight the opponents with your muscular physical frame

Let your words question and channel them,

Let the light cease the darkness,

And the one ashamed be blamed.

Change and challenge the change

When the evil change comes for you

Show it the difference

With all your intelligence

And, next time when you meet

Its head will bow down to show respect.

Words of a wise man hurt and kill, whilst those of a mad man are noisy

Some will call you insane,

Others will consider you a poet

And don’t ignore those whose wish is to see your corpse lying in a casket.

Smile, what was spoken by your mouth never dies

It lingers in people’s minds.



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