Poetess and actress, Malaika ventures into music

She is arguably one of the best poets Rwanda currently has, but Angel Uwamahoro, mostly known as Malaika,  has come out to unleash her other talent in music, through her debut song ‘Reka Turye Show’, a collabo with  DJ Marnaud’s, that was released on Monday.

In the song, loosely translated as ‘Let’s enjoy the show’, Malaika, showcases some of her rapping skills in the dancehall banger. The song was produced by Davydenko.

Uwamahoro is well known for her powerful poetry and incomparable acting skills and has set the stage for many young Rwandans who want to pursue a similar career path. Marnaud was therefore surprised when she proposed the idea of a collabo with him.

“We started the discussion about making a collabo like a joke but when she proposed that we hit the studio and record a song, I realised that she is talented in singing as you tell that her hip hop verses are so amazing. I hope she can continue to pursue her talent and passion in singing,” DJ Marnaud told The New Times.

 The DJ promised to support Uwamahoro’s talent, by playing her songs in clubs and other party event.

“As a DJ, I can only promise her to play a part in promoting her music as long as she declares music as she takes her talent professionally because she is truly talented,” he added.

‘Reka Turye Show’ is DJ Marnaud’s fourth song after Bape, Ribuyu and Boku, all of which are collaborations with Active, DJ Pius, and King James, respectively.

Marnaud combines singing with deejaying as a member of Dream Team DJ, which also features top DJs Toxxyk and Miller. 


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