Patient Bizimana, DR Congo’s Alka Mbumba thrill gospel lovers

Crowds at the gospel concert at the Expo Ground at Gikondo on Easter Sunday. Photos/ Courtesy.

The Easter weekend was characterised by singer Patient Bizimana’s highly anticipated concert which was featuring Congolese “Mad man for Jesus” gospel singer and dancer Alka Mbumba.

The concert, at Expo Grounds Gikondo featured a frenzy of dancing, praising and worshipping with the Congolese star truly living up to his character.

Congolese mainstream music is known for its vigour, energy and fast-paced dances and indeed Mbumba proved that their gospel music is not so different from the mainstream music because it involves lots of dancing and an energetic display.

One of the choirs entertaining the audience.

Mbumba proved that the eccentric lingala moves can lead to a great performance as he joined local gospel star Bizimana to lead an Easter evening celebration. He  took to the stage in a black T-shirt, Black coat and cream trousers, going straight for the high tempo exposition where his greatest hit, Fandanayo, was the favourite on the night.

A plethora of artistes had already performed when Mbumba came on stage but it is as though the audience was simply waiting for him.

Patient Bizimana during his performance.

Along with a group of vigorous backup dancers, Mbumba took his time to perform the crowds’ favourite songs while at the same time leading them into a flurry of Congolese dance moves to hype up the mood.

The frisky praise leader often times paused the singing and concentrated on dancing, pulling off the most electrifying dance moves that left the audience in awe.

Mbumba didn't sing for so long, but his performance surely was one of those rare energetic ones that satisfied concert goers.

One of the performers thrills the audience.

The host of the concert, Patient Bizimana, also proved that he is going from strength to strength, as one of the country’s leading gospel artistes. He performed Menye neza, Jambo and Ubwo buntu, among many of his popular songs, which saw the crowd sing along.

To support him, several choirs including, Restoration and Kingdom, as well as musicians like Arsene Tuyi and Gaby performed to give gospel music lovers value for their money.

The Easter celebration happens every year on Easter, hosted by Patient Bizimana. It has been happening now for more than three years in a row, featuring some of Africa's best gospel musicians like Nigeria's Sinachi, Kenya's Marion Shako, among others.

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