African music experts to discuss future for industry

LEFT: Raoul Rugamba is a co-founder of Africa in Colors. RIGHT: Eric Soul, founder of Afrogroov will moderate the event. / Courtesy photos

The music and creative industry has not only been one of those most affected by the Covid-19 crisis, but it is also not supported or prioritised across Africa.

Music experts across the continent are, however, convinced that the creative industry could not only contribute to the economic development of a country and the continent as a whole, but be at the core growth of many other industries and create jobs for Africans.


It is for this reason that producers and music distributors, artistes and their managers, music labels, event management firms, deejays, and many other key players of the music industry on the continent, will on September 26, hold a virtual conference themed; ‘Music and its role in the creative economy in Africa post-Covid-19.”


The conference, organised by Africa in Colors, is part of a series of monthly activities that have been running since June and December 2020, and will be followed by an annual festival in March 2021.


Rwandan creative entrepreneur and co-founder of Africa in Colors, Raoul Rugamba, said that the meeting will bring together many African countries to share their experiences, understand and learn from each other. And through those stories, learn the music business in various parts of the continent, understand integration possibilities, and together find possible solutions to doing business better as players in this industry.

He explained that: “Together we want to discuss the way forward to improving the industry, how best we can create business integrations on the continent, business models that work for the continent and Africans, and how best to integrate technology to improve this industry, in order to reach bigger audiences and markets on and outside the continent.”

Eric Soul, founder and creative director of Afrogroov will moderate the event.

He also shared that his role in the event will enable him to pass on some knowledge in terms of policymaking from first-hand professionals, and how artistes can make money in this pandemic.

We need cross-collaboration between the sectors (creative and music) as well as know how to use our skills and creativity in line with the regulations that we have.

In line with this conference, a new party concept will be launched where more than 20 countries across Africa will be represented by one DJ per country, and every DJ will perform for 30 to 45 minutes, mainly their local music as a cultural sharing experience.

“We are hosting the largest virtual DJ event. DJs from across the globe will gather on Twitch for the largest virtual party the continent has ever hosted. The DJs will be coming from across the world, from the Americas to Australia, passing by Africa, Europe, and Asia,” Rugamba said.

About Africa in Colors

Africa in Colors is project-based and operates from Kigali, Rwanda. Its purpose is to work with creative entrepreneurs from across Africa to build a pan African creative industry ecosystem, through three major pillars; education, setting up and creation of a common market for creative industry players, and development of new investment strategies for the creative industry.

Africa in Colors to date has over 25 countries in its network, and by the end of this year, it targets to reach 40 African countries and the project will be run in three forms; an incubation, an educational institution, and an investment fund.

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