Mpyisi's film to screen at Elba Film Festival in Italy

A scene from Mpyisi's film. (Courtesy)

‘Breath of Fresh Difference’, a film directed by Kamikazi Mpyisi will be one of the films that will be screened at the inaugural Elba Film Festival, in Italy.

The short poetic, abstract film is about travel, similarities and differences between a foreign land and her home (Rwanda). Mpyisi shot it while she was attending a film course in Germany in 2017.


"I’d like to think the story is what got their attention. An African woman speaking in her opinion on what the western world seems to be about while still capturing how strong Africa’s presence is wherever you go." Mpyisi says, while explaining to The New Times why she thinks her film was nominated for the festival.


"In the end I speak about how important it is to realise that we all come from one mother- Mother Nature. Mother Nature knows no race, no religion, no gender but only that we are all her children"


Mpyisi ends our interview by quoting the last sentence of her film ‘Remember this; unity is another form of bliss’. 

Mpyisi captured behind the camera during a past filming. 

‘Breath of Fresh Difference’ was produced during Mpyisi's exchange program in Germany at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg in 2017. It also won best short film at the Rwanda film festival the same year. Elba film festival is taking place at Elba Island in Italy.  

The Winners of Best Narrative Short Film of the year and the Best Screenplay will be awarded with a full scholarship to attend a three week screenwriting retreat in Tuscany, Italy.

As a filmmaker, Mpyisi views herself as a storyteller who prefers to transmit her emotions into film as she displays alternate realities on screen. 


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