Mpano releases song hailing Rwanda’s 2020 achievements

The year 2020 is considered a key milestone not only because it will mark the beginning of a new decade, but for Rwanda, 2020 has been etched on the minds of many, as the year the country set for itself to achieve a number of development goals.

Fast-rising singer Yvanny Mpano, who in recent months is proving to be a formidable talent to reckon with has released a song taking note of Rwanda’s achievements as the country enters the year 2020 in style.


Yves Mutangana, better known by his stage name Yvanny Mpano released the song simply titled, ‘2020’ in he hails Rwanda’s achievements in this New Year, sending a message that while 25 years ago the country was nearly written off, today it has exceeded the expectations of many.


The 4-minute track, unlike most songs lately—which focus on lover, dwells on Rwanda’s journey over the last 25 years and recalls government programmes, such as ‘Bye bye Nyakatsi’, which was aimed at eliminating grass-thatched mud and wattle houses. 


In the song, he also says that while many said Rwanda was a small country, it has proved to many that it is big in size going by the goals and ambitions it sets for itself.

The audio was produced by Trackslayer at Touch records, while the video clip was shot by Hugues Gishlain.

In an interview with The New Times, Mpano said that he came up with the song because there is a lot to celebrate basing on what Rwanda has been achieved as a country not only this year but for this decade.

“I personally thought about our government giving me a scholarship to pursue my music career and the many things it does for the socio-economic welfare of the people and said why not put it all in a song?”

“As a nation, we need to recognise where we have come from and where we are today and celebrate this journey. Many had written us off, others looked down on us but we have worked hard to put ourselves up there where we belong. The size of the country is no longer an issue,” said Yvanny Mpano.

In the song whose video was short in the city centre, he talks about different development milestones and achievements with pride.  The new song because his fourth song following ‘Mama Lolo’, ‘Amateka’ and his breakout hit ‘Ndabigukundira’.

The Afro-R&B singer is promising to be a household hit with his talented vocals and style which has endeared him to music lovers.

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