Meet Ganza, an upcoming gospel artiste spreading the word of God through music

Thierry Ganza says being part of a choir with his family members helped improve his passion for gospel music. / Courtesy.

Thierry Ganza grew up singing in church, which is one of the major reasons he believes could have elicited his love for gospel music.

The 23-year-old says being part of a choir, singing alongside his family members, including his elder brothers, was another incentive to lay ground for him to venture into music.


“I started singing at the age of 8, with my elder brothers and friends from our neighbourhood. We used to sing in church and then people started appreciating what I was doing. I felt that I have to give more,” Ganza said in an interview.


Going by the talent he possessed, he was urged on by his family to pursue a career in music and explore more on his musical abilities.


“My elder brother, who is the firstborn of our family, told me that it was high time to take my music to another level because he thought I had the potential in me,”

“He has been encouraging me to take more strides and achieve more since I already know the talent that I possess,” says the African Leadership University (ALU) student.

Creating his own music

Even though composing one’s music is an underlying challenge for most upcoming artiste, Ganza says, music that he composes is based on his life and experiences as well as biblical verses that mean a lot to him.

“It’s something that occurs unexpectedly, I feel it coming, and I end up writing a song. I also have the ability to make a freestyle with an instrumental, and I can develop the freestyle into a song. That is what happened when I composed my second song,” he recalls

Recently, the gospel singer released his third song dubbed, “I give thanks to you lord”, adding to the likes of-- “Nzaririmba” and “Unyeze.”

His latest song, Ganza says, is an expression of gratitude to God for what he does and continues to do in his life, with no cost at all.

“In this song, I give thanks to the Lord, I give praise to the Father. Indeed, when I stand in awe and amazement as I stare at God’s beautiful creations, all I can do is give thanks to the Lord through music,” he explains.

Speaking of his fellow gospel artistes, Ganza pointed out that he would wish to work with renowned gospel artists in Rwanda.

“I think it would be great to collaborate with musicians like; Aimé Uwimana, Dudu T Niyukuri, Israel Mbonyi, and Gentil Misigaro,” Ganza says, adding that it would be an opportunity for him to grow.

Even though the gospel artiste has performed on a number of stages so far in his budding career, he mentioned that his unforgettable performance dates back to when he was 10.

“My unforgettable performance was way back at the age of 10 when I performed with Maranatha Family Choir. I was leading my favourite song, and it was a good memory for me as a child back then.” But, he adds, “Frankly speaking, the performances I enjoy the most are the ones I do in schools and weddings.”

If he could change anything about the industry, Ganza says it would have to be more opportunities for gospel musicians, especially upcoming ones.

“I would create more opportunities for upcoming artistes to be able to produce high-quality music. I would also ensure that musicians can monetize their music and be proud to call it a career,” Ganza concludes.

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