Marriott’s wine tasting in the month of love

A professional wine taster serves a guest at the past wine tasting event at Kigali Marriott, last year. File.

The Kigali Marriott’s first wine tasting event of 2019 promises to be one of the best in the bi-monthly series, and you don’t want to miss out. The choice of Thursday February 7, as the date for the event means that it is just a week to Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Then hotel introduced the wine tasting theme night in February last year, and followed it up with another event in June.

The two events registered a huge turnout of Kigali’s wine connoisseurs, prompting the hotel to turn it into a bi-monthly event. Since then, the hotel has hosted a wine tasting evening every two months, at its Italian restaurant –Cucina. The restaurant comes naturally as the choice venue for the event, going by the reputation wine and Italian food both have for quality.

Patrons will  have the opportunity to taste and learn varieties of wine. Net. 

This month, guests will be treated to an extensive selection of international wines paired with antipasti –the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal.

To their credit, the Kigali Marriott has always placed just as much importance on their exquisite wine selections as on the food to accompany it down guests’ palettes. Typically, the chef from the Italian restaurant avails his kitchen to the wine event, spoiling guests with anything from cured meats, pickled meats, vegetables soaked in vinegar, cheeses and mushrooms, to mention a few.

The fee, as usual, is Rwf35,000 per head, and tickets are available at the hotel. The event kicks off at 6pm till 9pm.



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