The Mackenzies speak about their new clothing brand

The Mackenzies is a family of girls, who include the reigning Miss Rwanda Naomie Nishimwe (wearing a one-shoulder jumpsuit with a black strap). / Photo: Courtesy

They are known for their flawless beauty, dance covers, and as the group that produced Miss Rwanda 2020. The girls, commonly-known as Mackenzies, have now ventured into fashion. 

Zoi, which is Greek for life, is a clothing line created by the Mackenzies. The group is made up of five girls namely Naomie Nishimwe, who is the reigning Miss Rwanda 2020, Kelly Uwineza, Kathia Kamali Uwase, Brenda Iradukunda and Pamela Loana Uwase.


Nishimwe, Uwase, and Iradukunda are sisters, while Uwineza is their auntie and Uwase Pamela Loana their cousin. The group came into the limelight in 2018 after their signature music videos went viral and were highly recognised by artistes on social media platforms.


The Mackenzies is a family of girls, well known for their Instagram popularity. Their growing number of followers has allowed them to be featured in different campaigns and some of the largest companies in the country like, MTN Rwanda and Volkswagen.


Their love and bond have caught the media’s attention, where they were invited to some radio stations, like Kiss FM to talk about their journey and their unity as a family, which has enabled them to do so much together.

As a result of their success, they were inspired to start a clothing brand together. The Mackenzies first launched their brand last week, on October 9. The brand caters equally to all genders, with the option to resize an outfit depending on the size of the customer.

The girls have taken advantage of their popularity on social media to market and advertise their own clothing line while acting as models for their own creations.

When asked about the demand for their products on the market so far, Uwineza, speaking on behalf of the group, said that the response by the market has surprised them.

“The demand on the market has been amazing, if not humbling, we literally sold out on our first batch and already had 80 per cent of our guests at our launch party ready to order,” Uwineza said.

On the account of their Instagram popularity, people often mistook them for designers and fashionistas often inquiring about their clothes. This, among many other things, inspired them to create their own clothing brand.

“We wanted to create our own clothing line, something that has a Mackenzies’ touch, a brand anyone would find their style and feel comfortable wearing,” added Nishimwe.

The brand caters equally to all genders‭, ‬with the option to resize an outfit depending on the size of the customer‭. ‬Photo‭: ‬Courtesy‭. ‬

Zoi is a Made in Rwanda clothing brand that provides custom-made products that require a delicate touch. 

As a fashion line in the start-up phase, the team’s goal is to reach the nation and beyond with its affordable, stylish and unique clothing.

 They told The New Times that although they will not be having a second launch. They already have a lot in store for the market and will be revealing additional products as they go along.

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