The Love Lab

In a continuation of his winning streak this year, singer Yvan Buravan’s The Love Lab concert on Friday night was a sold out affair, and an indication of what his fans should expect in the new year. 

The concert, at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village’s Akagera Hall, was one of the better-attended events the venue has hosted this year. It was full to the brim. Indeed, many comparisons were drawn to local girl duo Charly na Nina’s Imbaraga album launch at the same venue in December last year. 

It came on the heels of Buravan’s recent musical exploits in France, where he won the coveted Prix Decouvertes RFI musical competition, which came with a cash prize of 10,000 Euros. It was the first time that a Rwandan was bringing the award home in its 38-year-run. 

The singer dropped his maiden 17 track album, The Love Lab about two weeks ago, and Friday’s concert was meant to officially unveil it to the public. 

True to the name of the concert and album title, it was a love-themed concert in which the singer went out of his way to paint a vivid picture of a love doctor. 

At one corner of the stage, a laboratory setting complete with test tubes and burettes and lab chemicals was conspicuous to the eye, only this time it was a ‘love lab’, not a chemical lab. 

The singer took to the stage clad in doctors’ white coat and immediately set about delivering his musical dosage. 

The Love Lab album is basically a collection of all the singer’s songs, old and new, and this is what he served his fans. The album features some six collabos with a slew of local artistes, all of who performed at the well-rehearsed concert. 

The fruits of a month-long rehearsal routine with his band were evident as Buravan brought on an effortless live performance, complete with some sleek dance choreography. 

His performance came in three segments, with the tempo rising from the second segment which he kicked off with Just a Dance, shortly after letting go of his doctor’s coat in favour or a colorful floral suit. 

Between sets, featured artistes on the album had their successive turns on stage, beginning with Amalon. Other performers on the night included Charly na Nina, the boy duo of Active, upcoming Gakondo musician Victor Rukotana, and Uncle Austin, whose Urwo Ngukunda collabo with Buravan was one of the show’s highlights.




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