Local museum to showcase women’s artworks

An art piece by Hortance Kamikazi. Courtesy.

For a long time, Rwandan women have been underrepresented in the arts sector. It’s against this background that Rwanda Art Museum based in Nyarugunga Sector, Kicukiro District, will host a three-month women’s art exhibition, starting this Friday, March 13.


 Jemima Kakizi works on one of her paintings. Courtesy.


Dubbed, ‘Each for Equal’, the exhibition will be showcasing the work of living and deceased female Rwandan visual artists, as well as international women artists living and working in Rwanda.


“Pieces by female artists showcased at the museum are only five. Yet, there are so many beautiful art pieces out there created by women,” Vivaldi Ngenzi, the manager of Rwanda Art Museum, told The New Times on Wednesday.

She added: “Also, all the art galleries that we have around are owned by men. This is why we thought of organising an exhibition to help women become visible and connect with other people. The exhibi-tion will be celebrating women’s creativity and power in fine art.”

Different art collections, ranging from paintings of 3D canvass, conceptual art and collage to drawings, will be on display at the museum.

Jemima Kakizi, one of the expected exhibitors, said that she is excited to be part of the upcoming event as it is something she has looked forward to.

“I believe that since we are the ones who understand, better than anyone else, issues that affect women in our daily lives, we have to address them and work together to find solutions.

“We are the ones who have to tell our stories and find solutions as women. It matters who tells our story and when our work inspires you, it’s important that you say it out loud and let everyone know that we are here and are making a difference. No one should erase the work of women,” she said.

Kakizi noted that the exhibitors will gain visibility and be able to express their thoughts with the world, adding that the public will learn from them.

“There are many subjects that people rarely talk about or open up about, yet they are important be-cause they play a big role in improving social conditions,” she added.


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