Local artistes ready for Kigali Street Jam Festival

Marnaud. / Net.

Kigali’s next big festival is set to take the country’s entertainment scene by storm with performances from some of the best artistes. Dubbed Kigali Street Jam, the festival is for July 12-13 at the Kigali car free zone, downtown and will feature artistes Riderman, Bruce Melody, Sintex, Jay Polly, Queen Cha and Rita Ange Gaju, among many others. Several deejays like DJ Miller, DJ Pyfo, DJ Lou, DJ Marnaud, DJ Infinity DJ June, DJ Cindy and DJ Dialo  among others.

Organised by Sick city entertainment, the festival aims at promoting local music industry and educate young people on the dangers of drugs.

“The fact that we are losing our fellow young people to drugs we will have Rwanda Investigation Bureau to talk more about drugs and its health, social and legal consequences.

Riderman. / Net.

 “Also, we as Rwandan have developed a culture of always getting hyped by the international artists and deejays and we always end up forgetting that our artistes have potential to entertain us if we support them, and give our young talents a chance, so we want to end the “question: Which artist is coming this summer?”, Christian Intwari, founder of Sick City Entertainment told The New Times.

The festival will also video games and jumping castles for kids, freestyle BMX bike, freestyle skateboard to entertain the youth as well as several fast food joints and drinks.

  DJ Cindy. / Net.

Over the years, Sick City Entertainment has organised a number of events including Our Past, Pressing Forward, as well as support genocide survivors.

According to Intwari, the event that will be organised annually to help promote tourism, attracting both locals and foreigners as the biggest summer festival.


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