Kigali silent disco returns

Revellers at Kigali Silent Disco will be treated to your favourite music by an array of male and female DJs. Courtesy.

Decent Entertainment is yet again organising another silent disco, dubbed, ‘Kigali Silent Disco’, with a promise to make it like none ever, much better on experience.

Silent Disco is a dance party, in which dancers use headsets to listen to music of their choice, instead of listening through loudspeakers.

The party will take place on May 24, at Gusto Italiano, opposite Payprus Kimihurura, and will feature 10 local deejays, including DJ Miller, VJ Mupenzi, DJ Sisqo, DJ Anita, DJ Diallo, DJ Phil Peter and the Kiwundo Deejays.

According to Alex Muyoboke, CEO of Decent Entertainment, the silent disco will have a different ambiance as it will be set up close the swimming pool.

“We want our guests to have a different feel which is why we want to set up the disco close to the swimming pool and have ten different deejays, who will be taking turns at the three different stations, to give revelers a wide range of choice,” he said.

Since the silent rave was introduced in Kigali in 2015, it has become an ideal event for party organisers, with a number of them held monthly. According to Muyoboke, this is convenient for them as they will not have to deal with complaints about noise pollution.

He is hopeful that this rave will, with time, bring more life to the entertainment scene in Kigali as partiers seem to embrace it more and more.

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