Kigali Marriott Hotel concludes staff appreciation week

The hotel's Director of Human Resource Nicole Ingabire (in green) posing with other employees on Friday at the after party / Photo by James Peter Nkurunziza.

Kigali Marriott Hotel continues to stand out as not only one of the world class hotels, but also one that treats its employees with respect, which makes the staff feel part of the entire Marriott Hotel family.

As it has become a culture at the Kigali Marriott Hotel, the annual “Associates Appreciation Week’’ is set aside every year to appreciate its staff. According to the hotel’s director of Human Resources Nicole Ingabire Munyangabe, it is important for employers to appreciate their employees, because they are the ones that make everything happen and that without the associates there would be no Kigali Marriott Hotel.

‘’You see, we can’t do everything ourselves, that’s why we have to get other people to help us out. They are the ones who ensure that everything goes on well and appreciating them for the good work they do is paramount,’’ she said.

One of the employees at Kigali Marriott entertaining others during the Appreciation Week

The week-long event featured fun activities, such as games and competitions, with rewards for the winners.

“We had a talent show and various activities, and the winners walked away with prizes, like money, cups among others,’’ said Ingabire.

Other participants were also awarded as an act of their courage to participate in the activities.

The employees of the Kigali Marriott Hotel also received medical services courtesy of the hotel during their appreciation week.

Christa Nkurunziza, the Spa Supervisor and Emilien Ntiyigena, another staff at the hotel, said they find the appreciation week motivating.

According to them, they experienced five days of non-stop fun including activities such as dancing, eating all sorts of food that they would have never had a chance to enjoy if not for the Appreciation Week.

Nkurunziza said the week has helped the entire staff to feel part of the entire Kigali Marriott family as they have gotten time to interact with their bosses at a more personal and friendly level.  “We have had moments where we have spoken and cracked jokes with our bosses during this week, this does not usually happen as we are always up and down working,’’ she said.

She added that unlike in the past where it was the role of the kitchen staff to serve the associates, it was the bosses, this time that served all employees of the hotel their meals and this really impressed the entire body of associates.

“I was excited to see my boss serving me meals the other day as it is not something you do see on a daily basis,’’ she said. She also joked about asking her boss for more food as the one she had been given was not enough and she says her boss just smiled on as she added her more.

For Ntiyigena, he said that the week was a chance for all employees to get to meet and interact with their colleagues which they never get time to do on other days.

“We are always rushing, moving up and down serving our clients and we really never get time to talk to the people we talk to,’’ he noted.

He, however, said that during the course of the week-long event, he has gotten a chance to meet is friends and get to talk to them, something he has always looked forward to.

Ntiyigena added that what really stood out for him throughout the entire week was the visit, together with his other associates and bosses, to CHUK Hospital to deliver food to the patients. He added that the gesture helped him realise that as individuals, they always have to give back to society, especially the less privileged members of our communities.

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