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"Jack of all trades" Mujyambere launches “Intwali SS21” Afrocentric urban collection

He is a dancer, a photographer, a filmmaker, a fashion designer, an actor and the founder of A&M fashion line, among the many other things he is doing.

Performing artiste Abdoul Mujyambere embarked on his journey in contemporary dance back in 2010 while at the then National University of Rwanda (NUR), now University of Rwanda (UR), as a member of Inshoza Dance Company.


He later started performing at various international festivals before going to Ecole de Sable in Senegal in 2015 to improve his dance skills and learn Acogny technique, an adaption of West African traditional dance, fused with natural elements to encode universal contemporary African dance.


Despite the challenges that came with 2020, it has been Mujyambere’s busiest year. He was privileged to work more than in the past years.


In February, he completed his world tour, which he started in September 2019. He had planned a photo exhibition which would follow the world tour but the new coronavirus pandemic broke out.

Not to lose it all, Mujyambere used the opportunity to produce audio sounds documenting his life during the COVID-19 lockdown. Later on, he was offered another opportunity to produce a film on his life during the pandemic.

His Project “Kigali on the Horizon” was among 50 that were chosen out of 1300 by the Africalia Motion Film Festival this year.

For the past five years, Mujyambere has been working on “Intwali SS21”, an Afrocentric Urban collection that he launched on November 5, 2020 at his studio in the Nyamirambo suburb of Kigali.

This collection reflects his life as a multi-disciplinary artist and is testament to his achieved level of understanding of the arts over his first decade in the industry.

“From conceptual dress design, other clothes on the collection were made. I chose to use green and black colors for green to reflect the heroism that being an artist takes and black for the black culture movement support, as my daily philosophy is embedded in Pan Africanism,”

“The collection is for season 2021. Art lovers can still get it throughout the coming year” Mujyambere told The New Times.

Direct orders are being taken on his social media platforms, all in his name “Abdoul Mujyambere” or by visiting his studio. Mujyambere is working on another project which he hopes to release before the end of the year.

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