International art exhibition concludes with call to support local talent

Part of the crowd that came for the closing night of the exhibition. / Courtesy

The ‘Autorur de moi art exhibition’, that took place in Rwanda for the first time came to an end July 31, with a call from professional art creator Kevin Beaulier to support young people, and provide them with a platform that allows them to express their talents.

The art exhibition spent a complete 13 days, where local and international artists were able to showcase their art works from the ground floor of the PCD Tower in the city centre.

At the closing ceremony, there were a number of artistic dances performed by artists and a live music show as well as a steady flow of cocktails that were enjoyed by the revelers that came to attend the closing night of the exhibition’s first time in Kigali.

Kevin noted that the show has been an amazing experience given the fact that it was its first time but the turn up was overwhelming. ‘’I was really impressed seeing different age groups turning up for the show,’’ he said

He also noted that at the moment, the art gallery is looking for space in Rwanda where it can have a specific residence where people can always come and have a great experience looking at the art work and getting to learn more about art and creativity.

Access to the venue was absolutely free of charge and when asked about having a free art exhibition, Kevin noted that he believes that art should be available to all people at a free cost and that is why the show was free for all people.

At the exhibition, Natasha Muzira was one of the artists that showcased their artistry, as well as entertained guests with her live music performance. She says that this is a very amazing experience as it is new on the Rwandan creative industry.

“What has happened today is something that was even never heard of in Rwanda for the past three to four years, and having it for free here in Kigali is an amazing experience. I would invite people to come check out the art pieces, but unfortunately, the exhibition is ending,’’ she told to The New Times.

Art lovers were treated to live performances at the exhibition. / Courtesy

Art lovers turned up in different age groups to appreciate art. / Courtesy

Some of the revellers admiring the art work that was on display at the exhibition. / Courtesy