Gospel band wows revellers despite low turn-up

Kingdom of God Ministry perform at their album launch on Sunday. Courtesy

Kingdom of God Ministry put up a thrilling performance, despite poor turn-up at the launch of their album called,Victory, at Kigali Cultural Village, on Sunday.

The event coincided with the Mother’s Day, on May 12, and was graced by a number of renowned gospel acts and choirs. These included Alarm Ministries, Healing Worship team, Arsene Tuyiringire, aka Arsene Tuyi, Bosco Nshuti, Liza Kamikazi, and the headliner of the album launch Wilson Bugembe, a gospel musician and pastor at Light the World Ministries in Kampala. 

The event, which was scheduled to start at 5pm, instead started at 5:35pm, after a prayer was said to kick off the concert.

Several choirs and artistes turned up to support Kingdom of God Ministry during their concert at Kigali Cultural Village on May 12.  Courtesy. 

A number of gospel artistes then took to the stage, and performed different tracks, one after the other, as the crowd went wild in praise and worship. Majority of the people in the audience could not contain their excitement, as some of their favourite songs were performed, sending them to their feet to praise the Lord.

The show, that had many of the people moved from the ordinary section to the VIP section due to the low turn up, was lively from the start...getting the crowd engaged and chanting along with the artistes. It was a moment for everyone as they went deep into worship.

At exactly 7:50pm, Kingdom of God Ministry came on stage, and first paid tribute to their two  former members  that passed away. A minute of silence was held and after that, they did what they do best, worship the Lord through their music.

This, they did for around an hour and immediately after their performance, the main act was called on stage who began with a testimony, like he normally does every time before he starts singing.

 Bugembe gave words of encouragement to those who attended.

“I recall when I was starting out, I started with only nine members, and our offertory for two years was UGX 2,000 and we were worshipping from under a tree. The scorching sun and heavy rains all found us there, today my Church consists of around 6000-7000 members,’’ he said.

He further narrated how he was orphaned at a young age and tried many times to commit suicide, because he was fed up with life and that he hated God so much because God was not on his side until one day a good Samaritan took him to Church, from where he received the Lord as his saviour.

Bugembe thanked Kingdom of God Ministry for having invited him to Rwanda, and appreciated their performances.

“You are really amazing in what you do and because of that, I am going to invite you again to Uganda as my main acts for the next event and I promise you that you will be the only invited performers that day,’’ he said just after stepping on stage as the band and audience went into a frenzy.

He went ahead and performed a number of songs, which included; Bwalikujukira, Lengera Embaata and Kani, among others to which the crowd sang along before the show ended.


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