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Gihozo on aspiring to take her music to another level

Upcoming singer Pacifique Gihozo. / Photo: Courtesy.

Pacifique Gihozo has been in the music industry for only three years, but she says the experience inspires her to do more and achieve greater heights.

To her, this is where she finds peace of mind; therefore, she expects to make a difference in her music as a career.


She agrees that although the road to success in the music business is never a straight one, she is optimistic that with hard work and commitment, she is yet to take Rwandan music to another level.


“I believe in myself, and giving fans what they need is the way to go. Before making it internationally, you also need to ensure people from your own country accept and love not only what you do, but how you do it,” she says.


Despite her being fully into music, she is also taking up business management classes at the University of Tourism and Business (UTB).

Gihozo is an upcoming Afro R&B artiste, who believes that the moment you start doing what you love, other things just follow.

“Doing more than one thing at ago will still drain you but at the end of the day, you feel like you have accomplished something since what you have done gives you motivation because it always ends up great,” she says.

Starting out

The 22-year-old says she had a passion for music but didn’t know how and when she would immerse herself fully in the industry until 2016 when she was done with high school. 

While at school, she says she used to imitate and sing other artistes' songs just to entertain her fellow students, whenever she would get a chance to do so. 

The friends, she says, could give her support by cheering up, and also inviting her friends to come and listen to her voice. 

“This motivated me to continue doing what I loved most, knowing that someone out there is supporting what I do,” she says. 

 With support from her parents, Gihozo started doing music officially for commercial and leisure purposes in 2017.

The thing she never regrets, adding that through music, she is now paying her university tuition without any support from her parents.

“If you are passionate about what you are doing when you pursue it, there are a lot of opportunities that come along with it. Helping out my parents on paying some bills at my age is just one of the opportunities I am thankful for,” she says. 

She says she believes music is all about having skills in marketing yourself, choosing the right songs and writing hit songs.

Some of the songs released by Gihozo includes “Uzambabarira”, “Hindura”, “Remedy”, “Kwizina”, and “Tujyane”.

She has collaborated with urban boys in the song “Go low” and a recent one with Fireman going by the name “Mfite Isoni”.

Gihozo says her fans should expect another new single, which is yet to be released very soon.

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