France was the first country to accept my talent - Femi Kuti

Afrobeat singer, Femi Kuti, son of the legendary Afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, who welcomed President Emmanuel Macron of France to their iconic Afrika Shrine last week amid pomp and pageantry, has revealed his connection to the French while admitting it was a total shock that the French President would choose his place to visit in Nigeria as part of activities to mark the launch of the 2020 Season of African Cultures in France.

While reacting to questions on his reaction to the news of the President coming to the Afrikan Shrine as part of his itinerary in Nigeria, the Afro-beat maestro admitted it was a shock and said he never saw it coming.

“It caught us completely unawares but we’re very happy, we’re very delighted. It’s a big political, cultural statement and I think it practically closes the case that the New Afrikan Shrine is the place to be. We’re very authentic, original; we’ve kept the integrity of the African heritage, my father’s legacy. I think it’s probably the biggest cultural heritage across the vast continent of Africa now, where we give free music, talking about political issues for free. If we had funds, you could imagine what would have come out of the Shrine? So for President Macron to decide to come to the shrine, I’m sure he must have heard a lot about my father, his dreams or the shrine. I’ll believe he’s enthusiastic, he feels the vibration that comes out of the Shrine. I hope it’s not a one-off thing where he comes and goes. I don’t even believe that. I hope we all feel this political statement and hope things would probably begin to change positively for the better”, he said.




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