Fireman, Adrien Misigaro join forces to fight drugs

Adrien Misigaro (L) and Fireman. / Courtesy

Rapper Fireman, born  Francis Uwimana has entered a partnership with U.S-based gospel singer Adrien Misigaro, where he will be the ambassador of a campaign to fight drug addiction among the youth.

Over the weekend, Fireman was welcomed into Misigaro’s initiative Melody of New Hope (MNH), which nurtures gospel artistes and engages in charity activities in Rwanda.

Fireman was named the ambassador of ‘Each One reach one’ campaign, which was launched by Misigaro, aimed at creating awareness among the youth to stop abusing drugs.

The former Tuff Gang, in September graduated from Iwawa Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Development Centre, where he was admitted after battling addiction himself. The ‘Mama Rwanda’ rapper will be working with the organisation to spread the message of anti-drug abuse.

He was among the 1, 678 who graduated from the centre located on Lake Kivu in September where he vowed never to go back to drugs, following a spell of addiction that put his career on the line since 2014. He was considered among the best rappers in the country.

In March this year, Misigaro visited the centre where he met Fireman and promised to support him and others through his organisation Melody of New Hope. The singer did a song to inspire Fireman and others who were undergoing rehabilitation in Iwawa.

“When I saw Misigaro and heard what he was doing through Melody of New Hope, I had no doubt that I would join the organisation as soon as I was back because I have a duty to give back to the society. I owe my country a lot,” Fireman said during the gathering organised by Misigaro on Friday.

“I literally died but didn’t leave the world. I am delighted to be part of this gathering which is in God’s presence. When people put their hopes in God, nothing is impossible,” he said, adding that he is available to support all efforts aimed at fighting drugs in the society.

“I promise you that I will do it with all my heart and mind and I believe God will be by my side throughout this journey,” he said, adding that he has experiences to share with young people.

On his part, Misigaro said that Fireman’s testimony will touch many hearts and convince the youth to quit drugs before it is too late

“As MNH, our mission is to support existing efforts to fight drug abuse in our society and we believe our campaign ‘each one, reach one’ will impact many. We believe that we can help one another to overcome the drug scourge that is affecting our youth,” Misigaro said. 

It is not yet clear if the duo will be working on music projects together.