Film sets difficult for mums - Mulligan

Actress Carey Mulligan has said film and TV sets are still “limiting” for mothers who work on them.

The ‘Mudbound’ and ‘Collateral’ star said she had never worked on a film that had childcare on set and that many pregnant actresses have to “hide it”.


Mulligan has two children with husband Marcus Mumford. “It’s incredibly difficult. Childcare is so expensive,” she told the Radio Times.


“I’ve never, ever been on a set where they have childcare.”


She added: “But I’ve been on lots of sets where lots of people have very young children.”

If childcare was available on film sets, “it would make it possible for a lot of talented people to come and do their job”, she said.

“At the moment, it’s limiting.”

Mulligan said that her daughter Evelyn, who was born in September 2015, was with her on the set of her 2017 Oscar-nominated film ‘Mudbound’.

She said that on her new film ‘Wildlife’, “loads of the crew had kids, but they had to arrange childcare”.

She added: “It’s always incredibly complicated.”

She filmed BBC Two drama ‘Collateral’, while pregnant with her son Wilfred, who was born last summer.

But she said: “I don’t think we’re at the level where it’s acceptable across the board yet. I think if people can hide it, they do.”

Mulligan stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Wildlife’ as a 1960s wife, who begins a relationship with another man as her marriage crumbles.



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