Dube thrills Rwandans in momentous concert

Dube (in a white shirt) performs with True Promises Ministries, during his concert Kigali, Sunday night. /Emmanuel Kwizera

Prior to Benjamin Dube’s concert in Kigali August 11, perhaps only a handful Rwandans knew that: ‘Mwami Mana,’ a popular Kinyarwanda praise song was translated from the South African Pastor’s, ‘Wanyamalala.’

It only dawned on them when the South African gospel star held his first ever concert in the country. Hosted at the Intare Conference Arena in Kigali, the pastor, song writer, and singer with over 30 years in ministry was in Rwanda on invitation by local group True Promises Ministries in their “True worship concert.”

Dube is one of the leading gospel singers on the continent with at least 21 albums and five crown honors including ‘Lifetime award’, and ‘Best gospel producer.’

The legendary South African musician performed and left the crowd wanting more.

The show started with a decent prayer time led by local choir “Shekinah,” after the evening was calmly kicked off with a good flavor of worship that allowed people to stand and speak to the Lord through songs like Ntabwo ari twebwe, and ‘Nara ekelemo’ among others.

The concert gathered momentum later as many people arrived at the venue.

Excited revellers used their mobile phones to take pictures and video during the concert at Intare Conference Arena, Kigali. Emmanuel Kwizera.

Alarm Ministries went on stage next, and at around 5:20 pm, they made way for the hosts of the show - True Promises Ministries, a sign showing that Pastor Dube’s time on the platform was not far from reaching.

The group made a brief performance and invited Evangelist James Huduma to deliver a sermon before they could continue.

The preacher talked to Christians about true worship.

Benjamin Dube and his band during his performance. Emmanuel Kwizera

 “We can only worship God when we have the same spirit with whom we worship. The Bible says that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit.”

Huduma also highlighted that the significance of obedience and faith on our quest of desiring to Worship God.

“People worship what they give most value to,” he noted.


True Promises resumed their performance going for the fervent worship songs that got the audience involved in the singing as the evening went down.

There was a warm reception from the people before South Africa’s Gospel music maestro during the concert.

The choir sang both in English and Kinyarwanda, and songs like “You are faithful,” “Wadushyize ahakwiriye” and “Jesus-You are the best thing that happened to me” were on the cards.

Dube was the last showpiece of the evening. The guest artiste was received on the stage with excitement; and a number of people grabbed their phones to take pictures of him on stage.

True Promises Ministries delivered delivers an electrifying performance.

The South African was given time to share his life story, among which he spoke of how he was orphaned at a tender age and how God has led him to victory in life and ministry.

The artiste then took to the microphone and proved to be the king of high notes doing “Joyful noise,” “In your presence,” “He keeps on Doing,” among others.

 It was a dynamic and robust performance from Dube, and it would later hit a high as he invited the True Promises to stage to perform alongside him their “Mana Urera,” song.

This performance had people on their feet, jumping as the show was getting close to its end, before he sang the Wanyamalala song from which the Kinyarwanda “Mwami Mana” tune was translated.



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