Drey23 on his inspiration

23-year-old Drey23 is an upcoming artiste, who this year released his debut song ‘Kitangala’ that is currently hitting the airwaves and he is back in studio working on several projects. The New Times’ Desire Muhoozi caught up with the singer who spoke about the inspiration behind the song and what his plans for his music career are.

Briefly tell us about yourself…

My name is Andrew Katende aka Drey23.  Drey23 was cut out of Andrew and “23” is a special number in my family because I share the same birth date with my father and grandfather, we were all born on the same date but in different months. The combination comes down to ‘Drey23’. I was born and raised in Uganda and I’m the firstborn in a family of four.

What does ‘Kitangaala’ mean and what is the song about?

It means ‘bright light’. It is a love song where I talk about how my girlfriend lights my way of life. In the song, I explain how it has been a win-win ever since she came into my life. So, in the song, my woman is my ‘kitangaala’. The audio and video were released officially on February 23 and April 26, respectively.

Other than you, who else took part in the production of ‘Kitangaala’?

I wrote the song and Nessim Pan produced it. The video was shot and directed by Richkiss Graphics… all this through WYSE management based in Uganda under Denis Tumwesigye, the CEO.

How effective do you want ‘Kitangaala’ to be to society?

It tells people how effective love is, like if we could give love, the world would be a better place. So, Kitangaala has to leave changes visible in the lives of people across the globe.

How many songs do you have to your name?

With WYSE management, I have four songs; two of the audios and videos, ‘Fire bullet’ and ‘Kitangaala’ are already out under Nessim Pam production.

Who are the facilitators of your music career?

People who turn nothing into something regardless of what they get themselves involved in, especially my fellow musicians. Then, my management is the overall facilitator.

How have you developed your career?

Basically, it’s been learning from some of Africa’s best artistes like Wizkid, Kiss Daniel, Apas and Radio & Weasel, plus working tirelessly to ensure improvement in every single project I release.

How do you seek out opportunities?

With my management, I have a team responsible to go out to corporate companies and promoters to make sure I am booked. I use online markets too; iTunes, Amazon, and e-media like TVs and Radios, and newspapers.

Which current musical trends are you following?

I actually don’t have a particular trend as I can’t say I follow this kind of music or that. As long as it’s good urban music, I will listen. Maybe I can say I follow good urban music.

If given a chance, which Rwandan artiste would you wish to have a collabo with?

I would love to work with all Rwandan artistes. They are all so good. Rwanda is gifted but I would mention City Yankees, Charly & Nina for the start, Bruce Melody, and Jodie Phibie. They all motivate me.



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