Dr Gaspard Ntahonkiriye to stage cultural concert

After his first album launch in 2011, Dr Gaspard Ntahonkiriye, will today, November 16, relaunch his music career in a cultural music show, dubbed “Amasho” at Onomo Hotel, starting 6pm.

Speaking to The New Times, Dr Ntahonkiriye, a popular gynaecologist and obstetrician in Kigali, said that the purpose of the show was to remind Rwandans to maintain their culture.

 “We need to be organising such shows, otherwise the modern concerts can take over our cultural shows. You will not be disappointed as we have a lot of traditional instruments, and drummers,” he said.

Ntahonkiriye is a gynaecologist at Croix du Sud and Baho International Hospital. An Inanga player and traditional singer, he launched his first album ‘Iragi rya data’ in 2011. The album features 17 singles, in a detailed sequence of Inanga, a lyre-like string instrument which represents great traditional hits.

Early-bird tickets can be found at Makuza Plaza’s entrance and Inkuru nziza.