DJ Toxxyk takes decks to Bruxelles

DJ Toxxyk on his disks. /Courtesy.

It seems time is now or never for 26-year-old DJ Toxxyk to discover the world of music beyond borders, as he looks forward to entertain the Rwandan audience in Belgium on  July 6, at Birmingham Palace in Bruxelles.

This will be his first experience to headline a performance out of the country since he launched his deejaying career in 2013.

Toxxyk, born Arnold Shema, has since launched himself as one of the finest DJs in town, having proved his creativity behind the decks that he continues to show at big concerts and famous clubs in Kigali.

In an interview with The New Times, DJ Toxxyk said  that performing outside the country, especially in Bruxelles, is a dream  come true for him.

“Performing for an audience outside the country has been my dream as I try to gain new experiences. Such far, I have done 50 per cent of the package for my performance but I will also need to learn from fellow DJs in Bruxelles to better understand which kind of music they love because I want to make them happy,” Toxxyk said.

He is a member of Dream Team DJs, which also include DJ Miller, DJ Jullz and DJ Marnaud. The latter was also in Belgium for a performance last March.

Toxxyk will be hosted by Belgium-based female DJ, Princess Flor, of Rwandan origin, who has already made a name for herself  in Belgium following her previous performances at various big concerts.

 “She [DJ Princess Flor] came in Rwanda and we worked together for quite a short time but she was so excited for my performance and agreed to invite me to a one day performance in Bruxelles and the time has finally come. I hope it will be really exciting to perform alongside her,” he said, adding that he is also planning to visit some DJs in Belgium to learn from them some tips that can help him improve his professional job.

The DJs journey to Bruxelles will also mark a reunion with his parents who he says he has been missing for quite a long time, especially his father who he is looking forward to meet for the first time since he was born.

My parents live in Belgium, and it will be a pleasure to meet them after a long time. I am looking forward to meeting my mother who I haven’t seen in the past five years but, more importantly, my father whom I have never seen since I was born. So I am looking forward to a blissful and exciting moment with both the audience and my parents,” he said.

Toxxyk will spend a week in Belgium before shifting his business to Paris with French DJ Shine whom he last worked with during last year’s EU-backed Battle of the DJs. They were both judges on the competition’s panel.

“Our main goal is making connections. He invited me to pass by so we can do some business before returning to Rwanda,” he added.

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