Comedy meets music at ‘Live, Love, Laugh’

Upcoming Hip-hop group Kinyatrap and Babu perform during the show.

After their first show in Huye District, in May, Comedy Knight decided to bring the show to their fans in Kigali.

Dubbed, Live, Love, Laugh, comedy lovers enjoyed an evening of giggles and fun, as they were treated to a myriad of jokes and music at 514 Bar and Restaurant in Remera, over the weekend.

Performances were provided by aspiring artistes, while Comedy Knight’s Michael Sengazi, Babu, Clapton Kibonke and popular Daymakers’ 5k Ettiene and Japhet sent the audience into laughter with their hilarious jokes.

“The show was to give back to the comedy lovers, which is why it was free. The point of the show was to have with people who love what we do. There are big shows coming up but this was to make them have a taste of the upcoming shows,” Babu, told The New Times.

In one of the skits by Daymakers, they narrated an old story about Nyamirambo, a city suburb, and how elders, long ago, asked people from different areas of the city to bring food, and drinks so that they could have a good time.

However, one resident of Nyamirambo decided to come with alcohol and by the time he was told to present what he had brought to the gathering, he was too drunk to speak.

The event that started at around 7:15 p.m had the venue filled to capacity. Revelers were also mesmerised by Kinyatrap, an upcoming hip-hop group, as they stepped on stage and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Although the show didn’t take long, the crowd expressed their enjoyed.

Agnes Nkusi, one of the attendees, said that she wished the show had lasted longer. “I really enjoyed the show, especially Kinyatrap’s performance.”

According to Babu, comedy lovers should be ready for the next big festival in October, which will feature comedians from Asia, South Africa and from the region.


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