Comedians Omondi, Madinga leave fans in stitches

Comedy revelers could not contain their laughter during the Seka Live show on Sunday. Courtesy photos.

Comedy lovers in Kigali on Sunday enjoyed exceptional performances from some of Africa’s finest stand-up comedians, Kenyan standup comedian Eric Omondi and South African Loyiso Madinga, who thrilled the audience with rib-cracking jokes that prompted non-stop laughter at the ‘Seka Live’ comedy show.

The show that summed up the year’s comedy series, started at 6.30 pm, with local comedian Arthur Nkusi, the brains behind the show, as the host.

Ever since the show went monthly two months ago, the comedian is working hard to turn Kigali into a regional, if not Africa’s biggest comedy hub and is slowly achieving his dream, having previously hosted Nigerian comedian Klint da Drunk and Kenyan comedian Dr. Ofweneke.

The duo did not disappoint at all when they performed their rib-cracking witticism in November, same with Omondi and Madinga.

His performance in Kigali on Sunday might have been as outstanding as he expected, but Madinga revealed how worried he was before getting on stage when he highlighted how challenging it is for comedians to entertain comedy lovers in a language they don’t understand well, referring to the experiences he faced while performing in Switzerland and South Korea, both of which, he said, were not familiar with his English.

Revelers did not have a second to breathe as the comedian’s jokes could only keep them laughing even at his movements on stage.

Omondi mimicking how Diamond Platnums performs on stage at Seka Live. Courtesy photos.

While it was Madinga’s very first time performing in Kigali, the city is becoming second home for Omondi who has found a comedy partner in Arthur Nkusi as the pair continue to invite each other in their comedy shows.

The Kenyan comedian is seemingly getting used to Rwandans’ partying style and he proved it when he cracked a joke mimicking how they behave while enjoying performances of artistes while on stage.

South African standup comedian Loyiso Madinga impressed during his first performance in Kigali on Sunday.

He also poked fun at what makes Rwandans different from Kenyans when it comes to clubbing before dropping jokes on ‘types of drunkards’, and the kind  who never accept that they are drunk while they can’t walk on their own.

Music is arguably the most common section comedians never forget to build their comic jokes around and Omondi was no exception as he showed how music stars Meddy and Diamond Platinums’ performances put emphasis on their movements and stamina on stage, while mimicking their dance moves.

The show ended at about 11pm.

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