Comedians land brand deals

Micheal Sengazi is new brand ambassadors for CIMERWA.

Popular Rwandan comedians Emmanuel Mugisha, popularly known as Kibonge, and Michael Sengazi are now the new face of Rwanda’s biggest cement manufacturing company Cimerwa, after they recently signed a one year contract with the company.

They join a growing list of celebrities in the country that have been made brand ambassadors for various companies and products. Among these are Francois Nsengiyumva, popularly known as Igisupusupu,who is a brand ambassador for telecommunication company Airtel, Knowless Butera,  who also represents Airtel, Christopher, King James, and many others.

In a telephone interview with The New Times, Kibonge noted that the appointment did not come off as a surprise because it is not his first time working in this position, as he has already done the same for MTN Rwanda before.

Comedian Clapton Kibonke signs a deal to become CIMERWA’s brand ambassador. Courtesy photos.

‘’I was not really surprised with my appointment as brand ambassador because I have done this before with MTN when I was brand ambassador for one of their internet bundle sometime back,’’ he said.

He was, however, rather impressed by the fact that the industry that he is involved in (comedy), has been appreciated to the extent that comedians are now being made brand ambassadors, which shows the level at which the industry is developing.

‘’I am really delighted by our appointment to be brand ambassadors because it shows how our industry has made big strides to the extent of having big companies make some of us brand ambassadors,’’ he noted. ‘’Being made a brand ambassador helps one to improve their skills because they are exposed more and have to maintain the status quo,’’ he went on.

Clapton Kibonge also noted that the comedy industry in Rwanda does not really earn the comedians a lot of money  but says that such opportunities are some of the ways they are able to make a few extra bucks.

Among the tasks Kibonge and Michael Sengazi will be expected to execute, is creating publicity for the new cement products that are yet to be produced by the company and to also appear in adverts for the company in order to let the public know about the new products on the market from CIMERWA.

He also noted the fact that his appointment is a gateway for many of other comedians to get such opportunities  like his colleagues from the ‘’Daymakers’’ who are also likely to land some juicy opportunities in the nearby future. Kibonge thanked his fans in the country for the support and love that made him land such a deal. He added that if it wasn’t for their love and support, he would not be where he is right now.

‘’You realise that companies only use individuals that are loved by the public and our appointment in this position really says a lot about what our fans think and feel towards us,’’ he concluded.