Christus Regnat choir gives life advice to the young in new song

Christus Regnat choir at a past church service in Kigali. / Courtesy

LISTEN TO YOUR ELDERS, never forget your roots no matter your status…show kindness to humanity, make more friends, follow the rules and laws in whatever you do. These are some of the key messages in Christus Regnat choir’s new song.

The 14-year-old group, one of the renowned Roman Catholic Church choirs in Rwanda, released the new single ‘Ca Akabogi’, in which a parent gives their children advice on life matters.


The choir has made a name for itself in releasing songs with diverse content in their songs…ranging from gospel, love, and life tips on relationships, which makes them different from most choirs.



The new song gives advice to young people to observe good values and norms as they grow up in order to maintain high standards of integrity and also never to forget their roots or become proud.

“It shows that no matter how life, stature, knowledge and capability may change, humanity, caring for others, protecting them, and loving them must never change because these are the characters that make us human,” Jeremie Bizimana, the representative of the choir told The New Times.

 Bizimana explained that at the beginning of the year, the choir decided to make different music genres, other than liturgical music, because their fans had requested them to, among other reasons.

Among the songs they have released after the decision include ‘Mama shenge’, a love song released on Valentine’s eve, and ‘Mu maboko yawe’ a gospel song they made virtually, without anyone getting out of their homes.

‘Ca akabogi’ is a reggae song, whose video has a home setup, which is different from other songs that were recorded in concerts or church.

 The choir is based at Regina Pacis in Remera, and it is comprised of mainly young people; married and single. They have composed more than 80 songs.

 Christus Regnat choir performs on Sundays, as well as in weddings and funerals. 

 They also teach music theories on their YouTube channel, and are processing hymnals of their own songs.

 Their project in progress is the launch of their sixth album, which will pave the way for their 15th anniversary celebration in 2021.

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