Chance and Ben to launch debut album

Husband and wife duo Serugo and Mbanza are set to launch their first album this month. The couple is pictured performing at a past gospel concert in Kigali. /Courtesy.

The family that prays together stays together – so says the Bible.

Husband-and-wife duo Ben Serugo and Chance Abigail Mbanza Juru have been doing gospel music since 2014, and both founded House of Worship Ministries, a renowned local worship ministry, the following year. 

Now, after four years of shared gigs and marriage, the two have announced plans for their joint album.

Titled ‘Izina rya Yesu rirakomeye’, and featuring such familiar songs as ‘Izina rya Yesu Rirakomeye’, ‘Urera Mana Nzima’ and ‘Mana Urubuhungiro’, the new collection will be launched on Sunday, May 20.

The live concert will also feature performances from renowned local solo artistes and choirs including Aline Gahongayire, Gentil Bigizi, Alarm Ministries and Healing Worship Team, among others.

The eight-track album, which took the duo more than a year to complete, is expected to change lives of many as it accommodates only inspirational songs for the soul.

‘Izina rya Yesu rirakomeye’ comprises songs in Kinyarwanda and Swahili.

In a bid to bring people closer to God and also give hope to the hopeless, Mbanza explained that they hope to use the message embedded on the album to take people closer to God, and also to encourage those who feel laid down through music.

“The main objective is to bring people closer to God using music as a tool, we’re encouraging them to receive Jesus Christ as personal saviour and worship Him in truth and spirit,” said Mbanza.

“We promise to bring many people to Christ in a refreshing atmosphere of worship during our live concert,” she added.

Talking about their album, Serugo noted that their album is inspired by Joshua 24:15.

The concert will be held at Kigali Serena Hotel. Doors open at 4pm. Entrance fee is Rwf3000 (regular), Rwf5000 (VIP section) and Rwf10.000 (VVP section).


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