Busy KINA Music set to drop fresh tracks

Knowless Butera features in Platini’s single, “Ntabirenze”. / Courtesy picture.

If you were to look for music labels or studios that have been the busiest during the new coronavirus outbreak, Kina Music and Country Records would come first. The two music houses have been releasing hit after hit.

KINA Music, one of the top Rwandan music labels, is not about to make their dear fans thirst for good music. 


About a month ago, the music label released one of its signed local artistes, Knowless Butera’s audio of her new hit song “Player.”


Before that, the labels freshest talents, Nel Ngabo, released his single “Zolie”, which has gone on to become a hit and a favourite among young people.


So far, the audience has responded positively to “Player”, which is yet to have an official video. 

The studio session video of the song that has so far garnered about 129,000 views on YouTube, while Nel Ngabo’s ‘Zolie’ has so far registered 521,588 in just a month.

According to the founder and CEO of the KINA Music record label, Clément Ishimwe, the video of “Player” will be out on Thursday this week.

He also said that the music label will release another song on September 7, titled “Ntabirenze” by their very own, Platini, the former Dream Boys member, featuring Knowless Butera.

Ishimwe pointed out that the song “Ntabirenze” portrays what usually happens when love fades in a relationship.

“In this song, a couple that loved and cared for each other lost it all after getting married as they complain about each other’s appearance that doesn’t seem attractive anymore,” he stated.

KINA music record label also recently released a video of one of the songs on Igor Mabano’s album, dubbed “Uwanjye.” This is a love song whose storyline is about a man who is confident that a certain girl he loves will eventually be his, even though she is currently dating another man.

Ishimwe also revealed that the label will soon release a new song “Respect” by Symphony Band, featuring the duo of Nel Ngabo and Igor Mabano.


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