Back: Producer Junior Multisystem back to work

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that exactly applies to the case of renowned local producer Junior Multisystem.

The hitmaker was involved in a road accident on March 30, which led to his left arm being amputated

The producer, who spent weeks in the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) undergoing treatment, is now back into the public domain and has vowed to continue producing good music despite losing one of his arms.

The producer, real name Jean Luc Karamuka, has spoken out on his nasty ordeal that almost cost him his life, stating that despite the pain and trauma that comes with such an accident that cost him his arm, he is determined to carry on his production work.

 “One thing I learned from the accident is that life can easily end in a snap. One day you are alive, the next you are gone. If you must do something, do it now, don’t wait for tomorrow and I also learned that if something doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger,” the Producer said in his very first public appearance.

He pointed out that he had already said his farewell to his mother, thinking that he would die, but by God’s grace, he survived.

Junior Multisystem, one of the pioneer producers of modern Rwandan music has now teamed up with singer Oda Paccy and he will be producing from her new studio, Empire Records. The duo are rumoured to be in a relation and could be tying the knot soon but both have neither confirmed nor denied the romance rumours.

The producer, who is behind a myriad of Rwandan hits, said that he received a lot of support from artistes and members of showbiz industry, which encouraged him to keep going. It is not yet clear if the vehicle behind the incident was apprehended.

Good luck to him!

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