Auddy makes comeback with five gospel tracks

Afro-pop singer Auddy was among Rwanda’s fast rising artistes before he decided to take a break from the music scene in early 2017 due to ‘personal reasons’. Courtesy.

Auddy Kelly’s year could not have begun any better for his fans.

After a few years off the music scene, the sensational Afro-pop and R&B singer has dropped five gospel singles in less than a month.

This move comes to put to an end on what he had referred to as a ‘break’ from the industry.

The news was shocking for the fans when the ‘Urampagije’ hit maker, took to his Facebook account in 2017 to inform them about taking a break from the music industry.

Few could have predicted his incredible career renaissance over the last few years, which has seen him go from forgotten love-ballads star, to public personality.

In an interview with The New Times, the singer, whose real name is born Audace Munyangango, shared his experience and gave insight about the local artistes he admires, his venturing into gospel music, what he has in store for fans and the much awaited single set to be released next week.

Excerpts below:

How does it feel being back into the music scene after a long time?

I’m loving it. I had missed my fans, and I know that I owe them. I’m extremely happy to be able to do what I love doing, which music.

It is no doubt that life will at some point pushes us away from our dreams, and makes it difficult for us to achieve what we hope for, but I am beyond excited to return to the music scene.

It is only love that I am getting from my fans and the feedback is quite impressive.

Let’s talk about your return, five singles at ago. How did that come about?

Like I said before, there is no doubt that my fans expect a lot from me. With the five songs dropped at once, I am planning to give them everything I can, just so I can be able to clear my debts with my fans.

It was surprising that all these songs about praise and worshiping. Does this mean you are planning to venture into gospel music?

Not really. Very many people have been asking the same, including my fans. But I should say that I used that opportunity to appreciate God’s work for being able to bring me back to the stage. Something I have always wanted.

However, I am planning to merge the two genres. I do not believe that all artistes chose one genre; I believe it is more helpful to sing what I feel like in that particular time.

How was it like after spending such a long time out of music?

It is a bit challenging; if at all I got to be honest with myself. You know that artistes are people who are in most cases famous. So it is hard to live comfortably in a society that sets high standards for celebrities.

There is a lot you possibly can’t do, eat or even dress. So being away made it look like I was hiding.

We understand there is some sort of disconnect with the crowd. What is it that you got to do as an artiste to reverse the vice?

Been thinking about that by the way, I am glad you asked. I am willing to do all it takes. I have also come back with a fresh mentality because in this industry fresher-guys normally work harder. This I believe, will give me the motivation and passion to serve my audience with everything I can.

Are there any Rwandan artistes that you are planning to work with in future? Are there any that you have admired their work recently?

Definitely, there quite a number. Our artistes are doing a great job, and the quality of music has improved with time. However, if I was asked to mention a few names, I guess I would go with Andy Bumuntu, Alyn Sano, Yvan Buravan and Marina.

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