Are these the future of Rwandan music?

The 10 fast rising stars. Courtesy.

They have been touted as Rwanda’s next big thing –some have already made a few hits while others are slowly getting recognised and now they have put their talents together to release a song that will put them on the pedestal as the peers.
The 10 fast rising stars on the Rwandan music scene used the new coronavirus lockdown to release their new song this week called,  "Ndaryohewe" together.

These 10 are; Alto, Kevin Skaa, Joel Ruti, France, Ariel Wayz, Victor Rukotana, Milly Umutoni, Yvanny Mpano, Mozy Yembaboy, and Calvin Mbanda. They are also considered as Rwanda’s fast rising talents with a great future.
Speaking to The New Times, Alex Muyoboke, who is in charge of Marketing and Promotion at Ladies Empire, where the song was produced, explained that the project aimed at newly established artistes because they have talents that people are not yet aware of.
“These artists are very talented musically, but not all people have seen that. I would say that for the first time in like 10 years, we have many artists that are talented and are good vocalists. Not to say we never had any, but the year 2019 was a game changer.
“So we decided to combine them in one song, other than making 10 different songs. We want to promote these artists, Rwandans have to be aware of how big these artists’ talent is.”
The project took around two months to be done, and they intend to produce the video when things go back in place, as we are under lockdown.
“We want people who listen to this song to understand new talents that Rwanda has. If one wants to help any of them get farther, please do,”
The collaboration brings together artistes who have already cut their way into the industry including Rukotana who has a couple of popular songs, Mpano, who also broke out with a hit “Ndabigukundira” and Ariel, who leads Symphony Band and participated in the globe music talent show ‘The Voice’.

More about Ladies Empire
The music production house used to be called ‘Girls Empire’, but changed the name and officially opened this year in January, and is under the leadership of Odda Paccy, a renowned artist.
Some of their already done projects is Alto’s song “Ndacyagukunda” and a couple more.
Muyoboke added that Ladies Empire, aside music production, deals in photography, videography, documentary production and more.

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