American singer’s Kinyarwanda song sends tongues wagging

American singer Evan Jerral released a kinyarwanda gospel song. File

An American worship leader, Evan Jerral has released a single with its video dubbed “Ushimwe”.

In an interview with one of the local media houses, Evan, who was in Rwanda in March last year, said he fell in love the first time he stepped foot in the country, and was inspired to sing in Kinyarwanda.

“I am a white guy who sings a little beat of Kinyarwanda, I really fell in love with Rwanda because of the hospitality I was shown during my last performance in Kigali, but also as a result of my friendship with Adrien and Gentil Misigaro.”, says Evan Jarrel.

The “Ushimwe” track was written in English by Evan but during translation, Gentil and Adrien Misigaro intervened.

Evan gained his fame in Rwanda in March last year, when he performed at a concert, alongside Gentil and Adrien Misigaro.  

The three minute and forty-five seconds track monitors Evan’s singing in Kinyarwanda with a team of Rwandan backers. In the song, he preaches Jesus’ crucifixion for the eternity of those who shall believe in him.

It comes after another collabo ‘Come as you are’ with Prayer House Rwanda, a gospel singing group based in Rwanda. However, in this one, he mixes English and Kinyarwanda.

The American father of two kids is planning to launch an album made up of only ‘Kinyarwanda’ songs.

“I am going to keep drafting Kinyarwanda lyrics as long as I am still learning. I think that it is a nice language whose courses I am currently undergoing,” added Evan.

Though a lot of Rwandans confuse him for Canadian national, he is a member of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church in Washington State, where he works with Adrien Misigaro as a worship leader.

He is set to return to “one of his favorite places on Earth” in March this year.

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