All set for Pentecost Hymn concert

Arsene Tuyiringire is a talented gospel singer and guitarist, whose music has inspired many people. /Courtesy.

All is set for a gospel concert dubbed “Pentecost Hymn” at Evangelical Restoration Church in Masoro, Kigali on May 20.

The concert, to be hosted by local musician Arsene Tuyiringire, aka Arsene Tuyi, will see gospel artistes such as Patient Bizimana, Gaby Kamanzi, Shining Stars Family and Shekinah Worship team, among others, performing.

Arsene Tuyi, who will  be launching his first album, ‘Umujyi w’Amashimwe’, will also perform some of his most popular songs such as, ‘Calvary’, ‘Christ lives in me’, ‘Ikinyejana’, ‘Uri mwiza’ and ‘Waramutse Rwanda’ from his latest abum.

Speaking about the event, Arsene Tuyi said: “This will be a musical concert that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ, while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks.”

“The concert is also the right time to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and celebrating God’s love. The day will be an exceptional and special evening of praise and worship for believers,” he added.

The concert, which will be free of charge, is expected to start at 4p.m.


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