All set for ‘Bigomba Guhinduka 2’

Daymakers Entertainment group members. Below, some of the comedians on stage during the first show in Kigali, in April. /Courtesy

After a sold-out  comedy show dubbed: ‘Bigomba Guhinduka’ by the Daymakers Entertainment comedy outfit, the second edition of the show is scheduled to happen on October 12, at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village.

Bigomba Guhinduka is a Kinyarwanda phrase that translates to “it has got to change’’, and the show focuses on societal issues that have to be changed, ranging from dressing, relating with members of the opposite sex, to social media. 

Speaking to Saturday Times after Emmanuel Mugisha, aka Clapton Kibonke, the frontman of crew, showcased his excitement towards the strides that his group is making. He looked back at the struggles the group has had to go through to make it to where it is and can’t be more grateful. 

“I recall the first show I organised but it never happened because of the struggles we all face while starting out. But today, I am pleased to have partnered with MTN, the biggest telecom company in Rwanda to see that this show is even a better one compared to the first one,’’ he said

Gisele Fanny Wibabara MTN’s Head of Events, Promotion and Sponsorships, noted that is such a good venture to partner with such a renown comedy group as they have established themselves as one of the best source of happiness and fun when it comes to comedy in the land. 

“We chose the Daymakers as it is now known everywhere that they are without doubt one of the best comedy group in Rwanda and we would love to always see people happy and that I why we are choosing to work with them on the second edition of Bigomba Guhinduka,’’ she said. 

Besides the known members of the group and other comedians from other groups who left the crowd gasping for their breathe the first time this event was organised who include Kibonke, Micheal Sengazi, Japhet, 5K Ettiene, Nimu Roger, Joshua and Bishop Gafaranga and Inkindi Itatse among others, there will be a performance from Bushali who is a right now a common name especially in the kinyatrap genre. 

Kinyatrap is the local version of trap music and Bushali together with his group have proved themselves to be the best at it and his presence among the entertainers on the night will be such a great moment one should not miss out. 

Himbaza Drummers, the group of drummers who took part in the East Africa’s Got Talent show, will also grace the stage come October 12 at Camp Kigali

Also on the entertainment list will include a lineup of DJs, like Anita Pendo, who are set to entertain revellers at the event.

Entrance fee is Rwf2000 for people using the YOLO service from MTN, and Rwf5,000 (regular), and Rwf10,000 (VIP).

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