Team machine

There are very many other areas, apart from the education sector, where artificial intelligence has made inroads. For instance, one intriguing area that you will find interesting to know is that artificial intelligence can help you find love, how? Through the collection and analysing of the data a man can enter into the relevant fields; the ‘right’ woman can be found based on the information she feeds the device she is using. With the aid of artificial intelligence, her answers are analysed and if they match the man’s requirements, bravo, off they go! Although this match-making method does sound mechanical, it is quite accurate.

Have you ever taken a photo with a group of people and then posted it on Facebook and the names of the people asking to be tagged? After analysing your input, suggestions of names of people are forwarded to you that share the same experiences, background or even other social networks.  Without a doubt, a lot of social media platforms rely heavily on this innovation too.

Crime detection is another amazing area that artificial intelligence is increasingly able to achieve. The security cameras that can detect things like movement, people or action, are further being improved to keenly analyse facial expressions such as the twitching of a muscle on the cheek or the way a person winks, blinks or otherwise to ascertain if there are patterns that will eventually lead to crime. The police can then quickly get to know which problem areas they should frequent more, which person to question and arrest or let go.

In other scenarios, like a gathering of a number of people, the devices, with the help of artificial intelligence still, can differentiate between a peaceful one and another one that promises potential chaos, like a crowd of people getting ready to protest or a mob that is about to run out of control. As with all great things, this also raises the question of privacy and unfair use by leaders who may wish to remotely control the masses by finding out what they are doing without their knowledge. 

What are the implications for the future job seekers? We are increasingly being exposed to artificial intelligence either consciously or unconsciously. For one to survive in the not so distant future, one will need to adapt to new skills and embrace the idea of working as a team alongside machines and devices that are controlled by artificial intelligence.


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