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Teachers taught on the use of practical skills in entrepreneurship classes

Teachers at the Idea 4 Africa training.

As Idea 4 Africa continues its goal to try and use the power of entrepreneurship to inspire young people in Rwanda, the organization has set its sights on the educators whose job is to pass on this message to young Rwandans.

Through an intensive teacher training program, Idea4Africa hopes these educators will garner more information that they will use to propel students within entrepreneurship clubs to become diligent in their lines of interest.



Pamela Munyana the country director of Idea 4 Africa speaking at the Teacher Training.


“The teacher training program is aimed at giving teachers who have a day to day interaction with the youths garner the necessary tools that will help them pass on the skills students need in order to be able  to run their own businesses,” said Pamela Munyana, the country director of Idea 4 Africa.

Idea4Africa has been working with educators, high school students and young entrepreneurs through a variety of programs like the Wheaton innovation leadership laboratory seminar which involves an intensive training that brings together over 200 students from different entrepreneurship clubs across the country.

. Group discussions during one of the training sessions.

The workshop consisted of lectures, success stories and hands on practical entrepreneurial activities that can be replicated in schools. Trainees were also given an opportunity to share their successes, experiences and techniques amongst each other.

“I think this program is of great benefit to both us teachers and students as it helps us learn on the best practices of promoting the culture of risk taking and entrepreneurship to our students,” said Faithful Abaho

The one day training program was targeting mainly high school entrepreneurship teachers working with schools within the Idea 4 Africa network.

Participants were given some of the Idea 4 Africa resources that will enable them to conduct productive and creative sessions with their students such as, the teachers training manual and the Rwandan entrepreneurship educator’s network toolkit (REEN).

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