Business community should make the most from VVIP visits

The Chinese ambassador to Rwanda, Rao Hongwei, confirmed that Chinese President Xi Jinping will be in Rwanda for a two-day state visit on July 22-23. File.
Starting today, Kigali is going to become a beehive of diplomatic activities with high profile visitors on the menu. Our usually smooth traffic flow is bound to be disrupted and it would do well if authorities in charge of traffic and transport began early sensitization on the routes to use around Kigali.
The first VVIP arrives today in the form of President Felipe Nyusi of Mozambique where he will be on a three day state visit. Incidentally he needed his parliament’s approval prior to embarking on the trip as demanded by law for all state visits.
That is one heck of a bureaucratic headache if it was introduced to some regional parliaments who are famous for never-ending bickering that usually delays even the simplest of legislations.
No sooner will President Nyusi’s plane take to the skies on his return journey than the Chinese President Xi Jinping, lands. It will be the first time for a Chinese Head of State to visit. Judging from the flurry of activities that has been going on in the last week or so, the Chinese have pulled no stops to make it a historic visit.
The sheer numbers of the advance parties and other side events is an indication that the Chinese are not leaving anything to chance. Putting Rwanda on his itinerary is a clear message by Xi Jinping Rwanda Rwanda is a valued partner.
The leader of another major economy, India, will come knocking close at the heels of Xi Jinping. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected next week at the head of a large trade delegation. In fact, all the three heads of government will have trade on top of their agenda.
There is definitely something good that the Rwandan leadership has achieved and opening more doors will only auger for smart business minds who should not allow new opportunities to slip through their fingers.

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