How to groom kindness in children

Parents should teach children to love and care for other children as well. (Net photo)

Children usually learn new things, especially from the people they stay with, those they come across at school and what they watch on television, whether good or bad. At that young age, it is good to instil inn children the virtue of kindness in all ways possible.

Kindness helps children interact with their colleagues better. Teachers and parents should always teach children how to say ‘sorry’ when they wrong others. This helps avoid issues like fights, abusive language and other nasty habits.

Parents should teach children to love and care for other children as well. When a child cares about others, they will be able to share eats with those who don’t have.

Teach kids to address their elders with respect and also let them take part in different activities, especially communal work.

Children ought to be taught to do some house chores like washing, cleaning their bedrooms, they do not have to be perfect but it will guide them grow up knowing that housework is not only for the maids, so they will also pass a helping hand.

A child should know that when they are given something, they must say thank you. This encourages someone who has offered something to you to give you more nice things because you are appreciative.

Teach children that everyone they come across needs to be greeted and respected. They shouldn’t segregate anyone depending on their status.

Be a role model to your children let them know why you act the way you do. Open up to them so that they also open up to you and find ways of advising them accordingly.

Ask your children to get the clothes and shoes they no longer wear so that you give them to the needy and orphans. You can also ask them to save their little coins to share with the orphans at the end of the month or on special occasions, this will teach kids how to share and be responsible.

Your children should be taught how to control anger or envy. Everyone gets angry, so guide children on how to act when they are upset.

Be strict with the kind of TV programmes the children watch. Also monitor the time your child has to play, but also allow them do something constructive. For example, let them learn something new every day, this will enable them pass on that knowledge to their colleagues at school.

Teach children how to pray before they eat or sleep, let them know that it is God that guides them in all they do.

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