What I learned about self-respect

Be creative and learn from your friends. /Dennis Agaba
Most times our parents and teachers tell us about the importance of respecting ourselves, commonly known as self-respect. Often, they all come to the same view that self-respect boosts personal development, and information about life and those around you. They say it empowers a person to be passionate, and work hard so that you excel in everything. And from my view point, it’s all been true. 
My best friend at school believes that self-respect is the first step in believing in one self and it builds self-confidence, and because of this spirit, I have seen her achieve her goals in everything she sets her mind to, be it sports, debate, friendship and academics, among others. This, in return, has earned her respect from others and good friendships.  
It is true that self-respect affects the way we think, act, and our performance; whether academic or social. Often, as our teachers put it, a student with self-respect is always hardworking, and mostly characterised by great ideas. 
My mother always tells me that if I keep respecting myself, it will build a sense of responsibility in whatever I do and this will lead to growth. I challenge my fellow young people to embrace self-respect, work hard and focus on what is important. Self-respect is key to growth and maturity.
The writer is a 14-year-old primary six student. 

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